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Blazing Fast and Secure Proof Generation on any Device

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A new era for
Leverage cutting edge Multi-Party Computation Techniques to distribute zero-knowledge proof generation to our network of compute.

Proof Generation is a slow and computationally expensive task. zkHub seamlessly combines MPC and zk-proofs for lightning-fast proof generation. Experience an astounding 36x improvement over current proving times, empowering developers to construct larger circuits than ever before. Join us and revolutionize your development possibilities with zkHub.

How it works?
Effortlessly integrate our developer tools into your existing workflows and leverage the power of MPC and distribute proof generation efficiently across our network of high-performance hardware, ensuring optimal speed and performance. Our distribution system guarantees that each individual node only accesses a portion of your data, prioritizing privacy by design. Explore the possibilities of zkHub and take user experience to new heights while safeguarding data privacy.
The Privacy Vanguard
Our cutting edge collaborative proof technology ensures that your secret data remains private even when it is delegated to our network of nodes.
Next-Level Performance and Efficiency
Our cutting edge techniques allow you to generate proofs 36x faster and develop 250x larger proving circuits than before.
Seamless Integration
Our developer friendly dev-tools integrate MPC seamlessly to your existing workflows, enabling you to delegate proof generation to our network with ease.